How to Choose the Right Skis – 5 Simple Tips for Beginners


1. Length – well, for downhill skiing it may make sense to buy shorter skis up to a chin or at least a nose for easier maneuvering due to less energy being required to flex a ski a given distance. This minimizes risk of fatigue and falls. And, sure, as for me, shorter skis give more balance, stability and confidence.

2. Width – for beginners like me the skies narrower than 80mm is much better choice. If you plan aggressive downhill skiing you will be more comfortable with a narrow-waisted ski.

3. Tip rocker – for beginners like me the better choice is the skis with a lot of tip rocker so they’re less likely to catch an edge during a turn, easier to turn and very forgiving if you do make a mistake. The addition of rocker in the tip and tail tends to make a ski less “hooky” as well as aiding turn initiation.

4. Constructionflex capped construction made of softer wood cores helps make your skiing more flexible and comfortable.

5. For kids – if you take your kids in your ski journey equip them with skis that are a good fit for their current size. For the kids under 6, tips in general should not quite reach their chins, for youth under 12 tips should touch a part of their middle or upper face. Kids can always ski a shorter ski but may have problems with a long ski. When in doubt, choose shorter, and can’t be wrong 🙂

Good luck and enjoy your skiing!

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