Chlorella vs Beef


I’m happy to find such a wonderful superfood like chlorella and share with you my experience and knowledge of chlorella as an excellent source of general nutrition and energy.

If you don’t have your own pond to grow such a single celled algae, don’t worry you can easily buy chlorella online in any internet shop or in a local organic food shop in a powder promised by the producer to be dried and energized by the sun.

Because of its nutrition, chlorella is the super healthy food and strong competitor of beef, chicken, steak and any other kind of meet, and that’s why:
1. Huge amount of protein (at least 60 %), folic acid, Vitamin D and iron in chlorella help form new cells in our body.
2. Promotes detoxification and supports the liver, gallbladder and kidneys – numerous studies show chlorella helping remove alcohol from the liver, cleansing from heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and other toxins and environmental pollutants.
3. Immune health benefits – studies show that chlorella can provide fantastic immune system benefits.
4. Natural Vitamin D – chlorella is a naturally high source of Vitamin D and Vitamin K (recommended to be taken together with Vitamin D).
5. High content of iodine in chlorella helps maintain the nervous system.
6. Digestive effect – chlorella helps maintain normal colonic function by benefiting the balance of gut flora.
7. Rich in iodine – that helps maintain a healthy thyroid function for good metabolism.
8. Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin B2 in chlorella help promote beautiful radiant skin and zinc will help strengthen hair and nails.
9. Pesticide-free, pure, clean and safe vegetable or its powder – no hormones, binders, fillers or additives are used when organically grown and fully protected from industrial pollutants.

If you decided to choose and try chlorella you gain also at least the following cooking benefits:
1. Time gain – just a second required to add chlorella to any of your everyday food – either Hot Tomato Soup, Quail Eggs With Vegetables, Healthy Homemade Sugarfree Soft Candy, Healthy Oatmeal, Chia Seeds Snacks or daily smoothie, salad dressing, glass of juice or any other food or liquid sauce etc. Any meat needs to be cooked at least 30 min and then stay in your “tired” stomach for hours! With chlorella you cook and get nutritional essential energy a lot faster!
2. Moderating effects – since chlorella’s extract is nearly tasteless and odorless when it is added to food in a small amount, we can use it as softening effect on sourness, astringency, and bitterness of our food. Its taste is similar to green tea and is hardly distinguishable when added to foods
3. Creative use – because of its natural emerald color chlorella is an excellent decorator of any of your everyday food. Be creative in your kitchen to please your family with bright and positive colors and food.

Take care & stay healthy and energetic!

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