Baobab’s Power and Benefits


Baobab’s power and might are very impressive and amazing. Even our tiny Mia the Guru Cat feels herself like a powerful tiger near baobabs. You ask – why? Sure, everything is very simple – Mia the Guru Cat has just eaten a wonderful baobab’s fruit. There aren’t enough accolades for baobab: a raw, whole food, gluten free and uncompromising nutrient synergy, just to name a few. This amazing fruit delivers a cornucopia of nutrition and excellent superfood for us since it’s:

1. Natural Multi-Vitamin – Baobab packs itself a synergy of natural non-processed vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C in Baobab powder has strong energy-yielding properties and helps improve the body’s efficient use of calories from food into energy. As well as the vitamin C in baobab is a key nutrient for the immune system which boosts our immune system.

2. The Antioxidant Queen – The benefits of antioxidants are estimated to be abundant, and baobab delivers more of these powerful disease fighters than any other superfruit such as acai, Goji berries, blueberries, cherries and pomegranates.

3. Rich in Fiber – Baobab consists of more than 50% fiber by weight. More importantly, the majority of fiber is the highly beneficial soluble variety. Soluble fiber creates a gel-like substance in the intestines, helping regulate blood sugar by prolonging the time the stomach empties and therefore releasing sugars more slowly.As well as, the soluble fiber helps to strengthen the immune system, and maintain healthy digestion.

4. Powerhouse of Minerals – If you’re still not impressed by the health benefits of the baobab fruit, consider this: using fresh baobab pulp in cooking or adding concentrated baobab fruit powder to your favorite dishes or drinks can also supply your body with a slew of beneficial minerals including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Minerals act both individually and synergistically to perform hundreds of tasks in the human body. The following nutrition facts table shows the approximate concentrations of the most important minerals found in 100 grams (3.5 oz) of fresh baobab pulp:
• Calcium: 295 mg (or 30% of the Daily Value)
• Copper: 1.6 mg (or 80% of the Daily Value)
• Iron: 9.3 mg (or 52% of the Daily Value
• Magnesium: 90 mg (or 23% of the Daily Value)
• Potassium: 1240 mg (or 35% of the Daily Value)
• Sodium: 27.9 (or 1% of the Daily Value)
• Zinc: 1.8 mg (or 12% of the Daily Value)

That’s why the baobab fruit strengthens our bones, nails, hairs and body and gives us essential life energy!

Luckily, if even we don’t live in Africa or Madagascar, we have a great chance to eat baobab fruit in a powder naturally dehydrated by Baobab tree which is later removed from the hard shell of the fruit. The fruit pulp is then separated from the seeds and sieved into a powder, and that’s it! No processing, nothing more. As such, nutrients are not lost and the powder remains unprocessed in its natural form, as if we picked it yourself from Baobab tree in sunny Madagascar.

Take care and stay healthy!

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