Energy Food: Quail Eggs with Vegetables by Julia Kelle

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Why choose quail eggs?
Health benefits of quail eggs:
1. Quail eggs, unlike chicken eggs, can be consumed raw, and get all the nutrients that the heat treatment significantly reduces.
2. Quail eggs are well protected from infectious diseases, like salmonella. Quails cannot be infected with salmonella due to high body temperature.
3. Quail eggs do not cause allergic reactions, even for the individuals who are strictly prohibited from the consumption of chicken.
4. Quail eggs can be eaten with their shell since it’s soft and good for chewing as well as you won’t spend time for peeling and garbage 🙂
5. Thanks to the huge amount of vitamins, amino acids and other essential nutrients quail eggs improve immune system
6. Thanks to phosphorus, potassium and iron the quail eggs improve memory.
7. Thanks to high amount of vitamin B the quail eggs help to normalize nervous system operation
8. Thanks to Calcium in a quail egg shell the quail eggs strengthen the gums, bones, nails and hair.

Also, they are known as a remedy against digestive tract disorders such as gastritis, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, anemia increasing hemoglobin level, as well as powerful stimulant of sexual potency 🙂
For immune system, stimulation of brain activity and to prevent and treat various diseases quail eggs are used solely in a raw form but I prefer them boiled or steamed for 1 minute.


Total time of preparation is no more than 5 minutes!

• Quail eggs
• Cauliflower
• Bell peppers
• Tomatoes
• Coriander
• Celery
• Chili pepper
• Lemon
• Olive oil

How to cook quail eggs in shell with vegetables, herbs and lemon juice?

1. Slice the washed cauliflower, tomatoes and herbs and washed bell pepper.
2. Wash the quail eggs with boiled water.
3. Put the prepared vegetables and quail eggs in a steam pot for 1-2 minutes .
4. Even more delicious if dressed with olive oil and fresh lemon juice!
5. Decorate with herbs and lemon if you like 🙂

Enjoy your meal!

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