Vegetarian High Protein No Rise Sushi

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Improve your health and the health of your family for future generations!
Total time of preparation is no more than 3 minutes! – Save your time! Vegan and vegetarian friendly 🙂

Benefits of no rise high protein sushi
1. Save time – rise requires precooking and it needs more time for preparation and cleaning.
2. Healthy creativity wide range of any favorite stuff – Be creative and choose any easy-to- cook stuff you like. I like quickly and slightly cooked vegetables with any protein food, for example, mung been sprouts, which can be easily found in supermarket or grown for 1 day.
3. Protein improve immune system and gives energy – without extra calories.
4. Vegetables stuff maintains the digestive system – Thanks to the huge amount of vitamins and fiber it helps to maintain healthy digestive system and weight.

• Nori
• Cauliflower
• Bell peppers
• Corn
• Carrot
• Celery
• Chili pepper
• Lemon
• Olive oil

How to cook no rise high protein sushi with vegetables and sprouts or cheese sticks?

1. Chop the vegetables and herbs you like or take ready to cook frozen chopped vegetables
2. Add any sprouts you like, I prefer mung beans – the fastest for growing, or any cheese you like.
3. Lay nori sheets and be creative to make any form filled with the prepared stuff and put them in a steam pot for 1-2 minutes .
4. Even more delicious if dressed with olive oil and fresh lemon juice!
5. Decorate with herbs and lemon if you like 🙂

Enjoy your meal and stay healthy!

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