About Mama


Hi and thanks for visiting my blog Mamafeed.com!

I’m Julia, working single mom, professional teacher, lawyer and translator, green and healthy family lifestyle enthusiast, amateur chef of simple healthy food and designer of natural and practical clothes.

I’m lucky to be inspired by my daughter AimWi who has made such an awesome gift for me – this domain and blog – so I could share my care and experience with you. 🙂

Also, I’ m very thankful to lovely HYPNOMI CAT who is the great assistant here with me.

My mission is to bring you harmony, love and beauty to help you to improve your life and health, save your time for your family, career and business.

I’m happy to have a chance to be with you and I’ll be glad if you find here anything interesting and useful for you! 🙂

Take care,
Julia Kelle

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