How to Cook a Healthy Oatmeal?

Read here how to cook a healthy vegetarian & vegan friendly oatmeal! Easy healthy meal recipes on

Delicious and healthy oatmeal recipe

Difficulty level: very easy
Steam cooking time: max. 5 min

Oatmeal (wholegrain)
* No salt and sugar added!
You can add some seaweed if you want the salty taste 🙂

For healthy dressing you can add any of your favorite vegetable oil (I would add flax or olive oil).

How to cook a healthy oatmeal?

Step 1
Take a steam pan and pour in some oatmeal (preferably wholegrain). Then pour in the water (as little as possible) and turn on the oven.

Step 2
When the oatmeal is ready place the pumpkin, cranberry and spinach in the pan on top of the oatmeal (we want the veggies to be warm and yummy).

Step 3
Optional: Add some flax or olive oil for even more deliciousness.

That’s it! Enjoy your healthy meal! 🙂

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